The Struggle With the Small Stuff

You’ve heard it said before, the struggle is real. One thing I have learned being a mom of many littles, is that you cannot sweat the small stuff. When you let the little things get you down, it’s hard to feel optimistic. What I mean is this- If you kids want to play in the dirt, let them. They can wash hands and take a bath later. Let them play, get dirty and enjoy the outdoors! If their socks don’t match from time to time, that’s okay! It doesn’t mean you’re a bad Momma. It means you are juggling a lot and mis-matched socks really aren’t that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things!

My daughter likes to pick out her own clothes. She is a typical, head strong, first-born. She is a lot like me in that regard. At first, I was embarrassed because she would come out wearing crazy leopard tights, a flower dress and her pink princess heels with a random hair bow. Would people judge me for allowing this? And then, I learned the magic of picking my battles. Instead of feeling stressed, worried about others approval, or just frustrated, I chose to laugh and take a picture of her courageous clothing choices! She was proud of herself for choosing her outfit, it took something off my plate by not having to get her dressed, and I know that 20 years from now, we will all look back laughing! I even post a picture on social media from time to time. My friends get a kick out of her fun clothing choices and it makes me feel good to know that other parents face the same battle with their kiddos!

It’s okay to be transparent, not always show the highlight reel and just be real sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, I love it when my kids all smile at the camera, in their matching, clean outfits. But most of the time, one of the boys has a big bruise or scratch on their head, someone has made a mess on their shirt and one of them just refuses to look at the camera! It’s really okay, Mommas! Once again, we will look back on this time as a time we cherished. Come on, you know the best Santa pictures are the ones where the child is screaming and terrified at the sight of the man in the red suit! I know those are my favorites. It’s time we embraced the imperfection, let the little things go and focused on the things that matter.
So what really matters? I think that’s different for everyone!

1. For me, it matters that my kids are grounded in Faith and that we feel close to God as family. I want my kids to see our faith lived out daily through our actions and the fruit we bear. I want them to see us going to church weekly and getting involved with our church family.
2. I want to have a nice, clean and comfortable home that makes my family and our guests feel welcome.
3. I want to prepare good meals that leave us full and content and are yummy and unique each evening! (Breakfast may only consist of yogurt or a granola bar but you have to pick what’s most important for you!)
3. I want my career to one of positivity, intentionally and purpose. I want to help my clients, lead them and represent them well, giving them the best service possible!
4. I want to be a woman who loves her husband, her kids, and leads my team, my friends and all those that God places in my path, to the best of my ability, with his love and grace.

What matters to you? I bet it’s not making sure your kiddos always look perfect or never get dirty. I bet it’s much bigger than that. When we focus on the big picture, what really matters? I challenge you to write down what matters to you!