The Downfall of Excuses

Ladies, here’s the deal. We have to quit making excuses. Excuses are the biggest deterrent to our success. I see it so often. A woman comes to me and tells me she wants to be successful, have a great career, be a high producer, etc. But when I ask her about her daily habits and structure, she has none. And then there come the excuses of why she hasn’t done the things she wants to do. All I hear is excuses. Some of them are logical and even accurate, but none of them are unattainable.

Whether it’s school drop off lines, laundry, lack of time or anything else, anything can be overcome with a little planning and a strong desire to succeed.

I think it’s important that we plan our days before the happen. Plan our weeks before they come. Have a plan. That doesn’t mean you’re plan will play out perfectly, but at least you will have an end goal in mind. Be the successful woman you see yourself as in 5 years. That starts today.

Work Like A “Mom Boss”
My kids are still little which means most of my time is spent with them by my side. I only have two and a half days to work, run errands and get everything done that I need to accomplish. That’s when they are in their scheduled Mother’s Day Out program. It’s been this way for 5 years while I’ve built my business. It’s been trying, tough and yet, very rewarding. My kids have seen me work hard and I’ve gotten to spend most of my time with them. That doesn’t mean I’m not taking phone calls and answering phone calls during the day when I’m with them. That’s just part of the job. But they also get to spend most of their time with their Momma while also gaining valuable social skills at their school program.

While being full-time Mom, I’ve managed to climb to the top of my company, becoming the Top 2% of Agents in my Network. I don’t say this to bring attention to me. I say this to tell you that it is attainable to reach our goals while our kids are at home.

It’s Not All About Work
It’s not just about work. I also manage to keep a keep a clean home and cook dinner every evening. Those things are important to me. I try to go to the gym twice a week. That’s not a lot but in this season of life, it’s do-able. I found a gym that provides childcare and it’s so worth it to me to have time to dedicate to my health! Momma needs to feel good too! If you want to start going to the gym, join the gym. Put the dates on your calendar when you will go. And for Pete’s sake, don’t cancel on yourself.
There are things I want to get better at doing. Sometimes I catch myself making excuses for why I cannot do things. It’s in our DNA to find reasons to make ourselves feel better for our failings. And we don’t have to be perfect at everything. I’m definitely a work in progress in many areas. But don’t cheat yourself by making excuses.

Just Do It
I’m a very “get it done” type of person. I’m not a perfectionist. That’s definitely a downfall of mine. It drives my husband crazy. I can often be found with a tag still hanging off my new dress because I didn’t notice it or with my bra strap twisted because I didn’t bother to worry about it. I used to drive my mom crazy with these things too. I just naturally don’t sweat the small stuff. But, hey, because of this, I can get a lot done and can accomplish a lot in a short time. When it comes to getting things done, I always say “just do it”. You don’t have to know why, or even necessarily how, but just know that you must start somewhere. You must take the first step. Don’t worry about things being perfect, worry about never making the choice to step out in faith.