I Have A Plan, and It’s Better Than Yours

On the eve of our last baby’s birth date, I was nervous. I was being induced the next morning on the two-week after his due-date day. That’s right. I carried my last two babies both two weeks late. The difference in this one was that I had ALWAYS gone into labor on my own. My contractions had started, I had labored, progressed and had the babies when they were good and ready. This time, I was 42 weeks pregnant and there were no signs of contractions started. After praying and consulting with my doctor, we decided I would be induced to prevent any drops in amniotic fluid or any other disturbances at that point.

I didn’t want to be induced. I wanted things to go my way. I wanted to make the plan. And then God.

I woke up on the morning of this scheduled inducement and I felt God whisper over me “I have a plan and it’s better than yours”. This still gives me chills to think about it.

We showed up at the hospital on a sunny Monday morning. It wasn’t busy. The doctor was in and ready for us. I had a baby by 6:00 that evening. We got the corner suite since they were low on patients that evening and one of my clients happened to be the one in charge of the nurses and rooms. Plus we were family friends with our baby nurse who happened to be working that night so she took great care of us! We had a beautiful view that overlooked the city and I could see the sunshine and the green grass. I felt God’s peace, his beauty and I recognized His perfect plan.

In all things, I try to remember that God’s plan is best. Even though I want to fight it. Even though I want things to be faster, for troubles not to come, for my way to be the right way. All along He is whispering, “I have a plan and it’s better than yours”.