When I Lose

Our Pastor shared a message this morning about embracing the hard times in “the middle”. The middle is not always glamorous, it’s actually usually messy. We don’t want people to see our “middle” moments. And so I am inspired to share one of mine. I’ve called it: ❤️ When I lose ❤️ When I lose, I feel defeated. Because me, I like to win.
When I lose, I feel insecure, that sinking feeling washes over me again.

When I lose, I feel like giving up, like there is no need trying again.
The truth is, when I lose, that is truly when I win.

Losing teaches us more than winning ever can.
It teaches us to rise above and how to make a future plan.

Losing teaches us to prepare, work hard and grow thick skin.
So that when we try again, we can face the next challenge with a grin.

Losing teaches us to smile through the tears and let the anger go.
Losing is the best way to help us really grow.

Losing is never fun, of this I can be sure.
But, in myself, it creates in me a resilience in becoming secure.

Losing hurts and it may be painful for a while.
But in retrospect, I am happy to say it has come to make me smile.

When I lose, I learn. I improve and I pray a ton.
I think back to the days of defeat and that is where I won.