Do You Struggle With Balancing It All?

Motherhood brings out the best and worst in us.  It amplifies our flaws and magnifies our weaknesses.  It calls us to live more fully, more boldly and with more passion.  If you have a dream of building a business and raising an amazing family simultaneously, I’m here to tell you that it can be done.  As moms and driven-to-succeed women, we can have it all.  It’s going to take work, dedication and a rhythm as you discover your true calling and plan ahead for the future God has called you into!  My hope and prayer is that this book will teach you how to:

  • Grow into the confident Mom you desire to be while balancing the chaos.
  • Let got of the losses and failures and see God’s hand at work in the messes.
  • Flourish in your business as you find your true calling

30 Days to Shine!

The perfect blend of balance, convenience and fulfillment for women! In this easy-to-read daily devotional, you will be filled with hope, inspiration and a strong desire to greet each day with determination! Each devotional includes a scripture verse and an action item.This devotional is for all women who want to: grow closer to God each day, move forward into a life of abundance, and find joy in the daily chaos of life. It’s for you! I pray this devotional gives you strength for the battles ahead, grace to live in happiness and the grit to live boldly!

About the Author

Asley Schubert is a wife and mother of four children.  She is a top-producing Real Estate Agent in Oklahoma and lead Flourish Real Estate Group.  She is a Christian Women’s Author and Speaker and is passionate about inspiring women to reach their full potential in their businesses and at home with their families.  She hosts a podcast called Y’all Are Crazy.  Ashley and her family reside in Edmond, Oklahoma where they enjoy taking care of their goats and spending time outdoors.